Wellbore Measurement Solutions

We provide data acquisition solutions for those hard to reach places using finely crafted, yet rugged MWD tools.
All of our systems measure wellbore orientation, steering telemetry, drilling dynamics, formation lithology, and other useful data, and are available for use in a variety of applications and industries.

If you can drill it, we can measure it!

Our four core

MWD Systems

and over 15 years ago

We work with proven technology from trusted vendors to bring you some the most dependable MWD systems available. We have Pulse and Electromagnetic (EM) telemetry systems available in four  types to choose from We have a Flash-DT MWD system is a unique combination of both technologies that combines EM and Mud Pulse technology together to ensure that wellbore telemetry is delivered to the surface under any condition.

We can tell you where we're heading, how we get there is up to you!

UltraLight MWD tool render with toolface graphic
Simply Positive Pulse

Boost UltraLight requires minimal MWD expertise to setup and operate, reducing the need for dedicated on-site supervision. Tool assembly is rig hand-friendly. Data and system management can be handled remotely or by operators on-site. UltraLight can help you see in the dark depths, if you're un-manned enough!

BoostMP MWD kit box that was refurbished and had a kit lid sticker applied
Positive Performance
& Boost-HT

Boost-MP & HT, is our line of mud pulse systems. A very reliable solution for wellbore logging and steering. Boost is tried-and-true technology that will not let you down, just downhole. Boost-MP is comfortable up to 150°C. For high-temperature options, check out Boost-HT.

Flash-EM MWD Kit box with generic contents displayed in front
E-Steer In-Style

An accurate and efficient EM based system, ideal for underbalanced drilling, high LCM conditions, or anywhere mud pulse is not an option. EM Downlinks can reconfigure the downhole tool "on the fly", Improve performance and optimize logging parameters without tripping out of the hole with Flash!

Flash-DT MWD kit on location and ready for action!
Double Entendre

A new generation of MWD, combining EM and Pulse telemetry systems in one tool that ensures wellbore data is delivered to the surface in any drilling environment. Adaptable configurations, flexible assembly, less tripping. Assemble as a standalone Pulse tool, EM tool, or Dual tool. The best of both worlds in one tool string.

FAQ  While Drilling

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our pricing plans below.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the specific tools and components required. Please contact our sales team for a personalized quote.

Are there any discounts?

We offer volume discounts for large orders. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment via credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal. Our sales team will provide you with detailed payment instructions.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer financing options for qualified customers. Please contact our sales team to discuss the available financing plans.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we provide a warranty for our tools and components. The specific warranty terms will be provided with your purchase.